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LLC Ownership Reporting Reqiured 1-1-24

Online Reporting

New Rules for owners of Corporations, LLC’s, and other entities – more
to come..
This is to help cut down on the fraudulent businesses and fraudulent business
practices of people setting up shell companies to commit crimes.

EXISTING BUSINESSES: Starting Jan 2024 businesses that are already operating have one year to file business ownership information with the government

NEW BUSINESSES: You will be required to file within 30 days of establishing your business

There will be a website to do this reporting. As this approaches and more information is
available I will share what I learn.

Sharing parts of articles from different sources. .Follow links for full article and credit.
I am sharing this information for the benefit of small business owners to be on the lookout for information regarding their requirements in 2024.

FinCen Short Video (how do i insert you tube link here?)

Learn More about Beneficial Ownership Information Reporting Requirements
Website for More Information (how do I make this a live link)?

Final Rule Fact Sheet (how do I make this a clickable link to open in an new window?) how do I relocate the picture?

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