Your Assistant Bookkeeping LLC

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the costs and who does my taxes?

Am I too far gone to help?

Many business owners get so behind on updating their bookkeeping that they believe there is just no fixing it.

You are not too far gone! We can help you pull together what is needed to build credible bookkeeping records up through current date.

How do you bill?

We have a few billing options.

For starters we bill hourly to get a good sense of what it takes to take good care of you. Then we determine a flat monthly fee.

We find that having a flat fee helps clients to budget for the cost.

Do you do taxes?

We have great working relationships with some accountants that we may refer you to.

Our job is to get as much of your bookkeeping “CPA ready” as possible and then let them do their thing.

Getting your taxes completed will lift such a weight off your shoulders!

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Getting your books CPA Ready
We can help catch up and clean your books up for your accountant

What if I Never Kept My Books?
Don’t be embarrassed –  we got this! 

I have probably worked with your industry.
My Know-how becomes YOUR know-how